March 9 Meeting

Lots of COLOUR today! As I went around the tables with my cell phone camera, the use of colour in both knitting and quilting really came to the fore. We have so many talented members!
There are lots of photos today, and I will try to tell you about them in order below. Sorry about the sideways views of Dawn’s labour of love. It’s been a long haul, but she has finished the fancy binding on Charlotte Winchester’s hand pieced and hand quilted masterpiece in the double wedding ring pattern. Charlotte did all the hand-piecing and started the quilting before she passed away. Dawn had a look at it nearly 2 years ago, and brought it to completion after many, many hours of handwork.
Wendy P shows off her colourful scarf, Ineke DeV is knitting a gray sweater of her own design, and Joan B has completed two blue children’s sweaters for great grandchildren. Next is a darling baby sweater in sherbet colours being knit by Debbie C, I think, and a classic hooked mat of a clothesline by Janice N. Not sure about who made the purple and magenta sock; Peg S. continues to work on her never ending crop of fisherman’s socks. Pam Cronk is knitting one of her Whale Cove Knitters’ lupin designs, and the little sheep was hooked by Janice, I believe. Margo B. arrived with blocks from a quilt she started a couple of years ago – again with great use of colour. And last but not least, our group of quilters (Wendy P, Pauline G, Dawn L, Janice N, and Mary B) who worked on the CQA quilt tops for Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. This top, and a smaller edition, will be sent off to Ontario for quilting soon. Missing from the quilting group were Debbie C. and Martha E.
A reminder to mark your May calendar for our luncheon on the 11th, our regular meeting day.

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