Meeting and CQA Big Quilting Bee Project Day

The usual suspects were at guild today, knitting, caning, chatting, and quilting.  After lunch Janice, Dawn, Pauline, Debbie, and I remained behind to continue to work on the CQA Canada 150 Big Quilt Bee project, and we got a lot accomplished.  Fifteen new blocks were made, and the top row of the larger of 2 quilt tops was sewn together.  Our backs gave out about 2:30, but it was great to share this project together.  Also Wendy P. has magically machine embroidered “Grand Manan Island” on a couple of our blocks, and will do a couple of others when we are ready.  It looks great!  We still have 7 or 8 blocks to complete, and then will be able to send a small quilt top along with the larger one we laid out today.

Speaking of Wendys, I got an email from Wendy D. today telling of her week’s visit with Erleen, whom many of you know.  She is doing well, has many friends at her assisted living facility in Minneapolis, MN, and she and Wendy had a great visit to museums and galleries, as well as playing lots of Scrabble and catching up on island gossip.

Also got a note from Judy M. who sent along a photo of a pair of Scandinavian mitts she has just completed, which you can see below.  If anyone else who is away has done any knitting or other craft please send along a photo to me, and I will post it here.

Again I might recommend joining the Facebook Group called Quilting in Canada.  There are over 1000 members and some of the work is amazing!  I posted our work today on that site, and will do likewise to the NB Quilters Gather FB page.  Nothing wrong with blowing our own horn!

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